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The Haudarin brand has been registered since 2016 by David Bock in the goldsmithing city of Hanau, Germany, where all collections are made. Tantalum is the primary element and special metal used by Haudarin. It is used to create impressive collections with elegant, anthracite colored design. Tantalum jewelry can be worn pure and unadorned, or in fascinating combinations with precious metals and gemstones.

The rarest stable element in the solar system, it has some impressive features; the melting point is 5463 °F, it is acid resistant, and is extremely hard. It’s density is comparable to 18K gold and it is absolutely skin-compatible, making it an ideal jewelry metal. Such a strong and intriguing element is particularly ideal for wedding rings. Haudarin specializes in sophisticated tantalum processing and is constantly developing new designs for its collections.

Characteristics – Ideal for jewelry

  • Absolutely skin-compatible
  • Hypoallergic
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Does not discolor
  • Insensitive to acids
  • Melting point approx. 3000 degrees Celcius, (3017 °C, 5463 °F)
  • Extremely exclusive, as it is the rarest known stable element in the solar system
  • highly ductile
  • challenging to work by hand
  • Weight approx. 750 g / m² (density: 16.65 g / cm3)

about David Bock

Since 2012, David Bock has been experimenting with the material tantalum. Now his brand, Haudarin®, enriches the jewellery market. All collections are made in the goldsmithing city of Hanau in small series.

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